“When I decided to sell my house I knew there was work to do before I could! I met with three different agents but knew immediately upon meeting them the smartest thing was to hire Steve & Ken at the very beginning of the process! They helped in so many ways: they helped de-clutter the rooms, suggested minor repairs and painting which needed to be done. They staged the house, using my furniture, helping me arrange things in ways that made a lot of sense, and they supplemented what I had with their own accessories, which they brought in. They even came before the open house and planted spring flowers up the front walk for me; on the back deck they brought flower planters and even worked with my lawn man to maximize the house’s “curb appeal”. I listed my house with these guys because they are such a talented, professional and fun duo.  PS, the house was sold for almost “asking” and then they even helped me on the day of my yard sale!  Now that’s service! Obviously I was entirely happy with these guys and would highly recommend them.” – Lynn A


“Renovations, no matter how small are always a scary consideration. From the invasion of privacy having ubiquitous workers in your space to having heard the busted budget nightmares. However, I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Ken Malian & Steve Moran for the past 10 plus years and have seen the savvy design transformations their company, GreenRose, continually creates. Now facing “empty-nest-hood”, there were no other design firms for me to consider to get my home prepared and looking it’s best for the real estate market. Immediately I was impressed with how organized they were in creating a punch-list of to do’s during a comprehensive walk through of my home and property. Not only did they connect me with a lawn service to grow grass where grass never grew, they suggest contractors and either Ken or Steve came to do the walk through, explaining what was to be done and always making clear the budget. Then came the fun part for me, hearing their always on trend and on budget design ideas. The list of what they provided was on going from selecting, trending paint colors for the exterior of my home to paint colors for the walls and ceilings of certain rooms, to creating a spa like master bath and taking an old, tired 2nd bathroom transforming it to vintage chic. Although, mine was one of their smaller renovations, as a client I was never regarded as such.  Lastly and most important, not only do I have total confidence in Ken & Steve’s irrefutable design talent, they have my trust because they are both such fine and stand up men.”  – Jamie S


“I recently sold my house in Bloomfield, after engaging Steve\ Moran and Ken Malian of Rhodes-Van Note as my realtors.  Selling a house that one has lived in for nearly 45 years can be an emotional and trying process.  I can state without any reservations that Steve and Ken had my back from day one to closing and guided me through that difficult process with the highest level of professionalism, courtesy, and compassion anyone could expect. Their expertise in the real estate market was on display through their showing of the house to prospective buyers, resulting in many responses. Prior to the showing, they personally prepped the house to present it in the best light. Their recommendations with regards to offering prices proved to be exceptional and resulted in numerous offers.  I realized a selling price that was more than fair. Even after a buyer was found, there were many additional steps to go through with regards to the disposal of the oil tank, official permits and inspections. Once again, their experience in these matters speeded those processes through. Finally, I cannot say enough about the personal level of support that they provided.  I was looking for realtors and I made two good friend in the process.” –  Joel R


“He listened and paid attention to every detail. You made it easy.” -Maureen M


“The timing was perfect and I was blown away by his help staging my house.”-Lynn K


“I sold my house, got a new place to live and made a pair of great friends. I will recommend Steve and Ken to anyone I know who needs a realtor, designer, or renovator. It was a great pleasure working with them.”- Vickie P


“Steve was always available….and that’s saying a lot in today’s market!”- Loma G


“I’ve been appraising homes for almost 15 years and have never seen a home as beautifully staged as the Glen Ridge home.” – Bonnie N


“I first met Steve (and Ken) when they purchased and renovated the house next door.  I watched a miraculous transformation.  I was so impressed with them that when I decided to sell my house, Steve was the only realtor I considered.  Steve and Ken not only told me what needed to be done to get the house ready to be shown, they pitched right in to help. They helped de-clutter, rearrange furniture, hung pictures, and even lent me furniture and rugs to make the house look more desirable. They recommended painters and cleaners who did great work at very reasonable prices.” – Chuck S


“Seeing the project Ken and Steve put together and how they injected and blended their design and business talents to produce the stunning project they put on display, makes me proud and inspired to work even harder. Shelley, [my spouse], a designer in her own right, fell in love with what Ken and Steve have accomplished at 54 Afterglow Avenue.” – Michael C.


“We have marveled at the transformations this company has achieved. They take home from rundown properties to gems!  Most contractors  will just flip a property, GreenRose, with their talent for design, will create something special and will often have  multiple offers that sell quickly.” – Deb & Haig S.


“Steve was fantastic. He gave me great advice on staging my house plus he provided a lot of help in keeping the house staged. He put together a fantastic well attended open house where he was able to generated several offers and a bidding war. Most importantly, the house was sold quickly and at a price in excess of the asking price.Steve knows his stuff and is a fantastic realtor and friend!” -John M


“Steve was a pleasure to work with” – Mike G.


“Investing with Ken and Steve has been great, very accessible, savvy, conservative, and in the business for a long time. They have insight into value when they see it and will pass on projects that don’t meet these standards.” – Jack S.


“Steve was fantastic! The staging of my house was beautiful. He went over and above what anybody would do for you. Whenever I called Steve he got back to me immediately.  He made sure every detail small detail was taken care of. FINALLY, HE SOLD MY HOUSE IN ONE WEEK FOR THE PRICE WE WANTED!!!”- Nancy S


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